: Education for the Likes of Civilization :

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an excerpt by Mary Leader

I have one I stitched when I was a little girl,

One I stitched when I was a teenager,
And one that somebody else stitched, which
Hung on the wall in my Granny’s dining room.

Stitched” is the term, not “sewed,” for samplers.
I mention it because it is the same
Word the Greeks had for poetry, somehow.
Hemi-stichs. Something like that. I forget.

Wait a second. Is it “stitched” or is it “worked”?
I was supposed to know that, but I forgot.
De minimus non curat lex.
The law does not take account of trifles.

Small things are not dealt with by law.
If I make things small enough, I can escape.
If I make things as big as I like, I am in
Trouble. Blue is prettier but red is better.