: Horn Hunter :

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an excerpt by Michael J. Macleod

Hardin Graves shot his first deer just before his seventh birthday. His old man held the rifle across one knee and said pick a doe and put it right behind her shoulder.

What does a doe look like?” the boy asked.

They have big ears.”

I see one with huge ears.”

Then shoot it.”

Hardin hit the doe behind the shoulder, but to be both precise and accurate it was a fawn shot in the buttocks. The boy was so embarrassed that he practiced on gophers all the next summer with his new .243 bolt action. That fall Dad missed a nice four-by-four whitetail buck at 350 yards twice. Hardin shot it dead.

Over the next five years the boy killed a dozen deer using his father’s tags.

Friends said you’re creating a monster Gravey Graves.