: Ernest Hemingway :

an excerpt by Julia Istomina


Why do we all have small boy closets?

A private, lonely occupation with no need

for witnesses. Empty and filling make zero.

No one can love a perfect nil. Even if it

came early and you loved life so much.


There are many kinds of wells to drown in;

Let's say that I should go out and hang myself

because I find that writing is impossibly

difficult. But then I cut myself down

because of the rain in that country…


When the tan girl brought me clams.


I can't sleep. Your stiff body petrifies me.

Sometimes your fingers do the tapping

for you. I only write when I'm in love

and then I force myself to swim.

The rain in that country,


where the thin boy brought me telegrams…


I only write. When I'm in love,

I feel it. You don't wake.