: The Only Jew in Jinat :

an excerpt by Robert A. Rosenstone

When people learn that I am married to a Muslim, they usually ask about family.  Hers.  Mine.  Didn't they object to the marriage?  Haven't there been problems between the two families? To my answers in the negative, they seem a touch disappointed, even while smiling and going on about how good it is that somewhere in the world an actual peace process is taking place.  But I know what some of them are thinking.  What they're wishing.  That there would be a roaring conflict, an all-out war between Aisha and me and our families, great arguments over religious doctrines, epithets like rag head and yahudi tossed back and forth, bitter quarrels about Israelis and Palestinians, Gaza and the West Bank (what my wife calls Palestine), terrorists invoked, reprisals threatened, bearded jihadis mixing it up with bearded black hats.