: Fall 2019 :

Redux Lish

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Robert S. Fogarty,  “Gordon Lish Redux”
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Kevin Honold, The Questing Beast


Gordon Lish, "Atention!"
Robert Conard, translation of Cause of Death: Hooked Nose by Heinrich Böll (1947)
Mika Siefert, Eptember Seleventh
Maura Stanton, Hunters in the Snow
Dennis Kennedy, The Woman on the Fifth Floor
Christina Ward-Niven, Eileen's Hand
Marilyn Abildskov, Calligraphy
H. E. Francis, True Light


Jeffrey Herrick, Parasomnia
Leslie Adrienne Miller, Last Words
Jacqueline Osherow, Views of Ideal Cities: Urbino, Baltimore, Berlin
Allan Kaplan, 1937: Generalissimo Fanco
Robert Lynn, I Can't Say Delayed Layover in Milwaukee with a Straight Face Because

Et Cetera

John Taylor, Poetry Today: “Erota and Autobiography: Six Greek Poetesses”

Book Reviews

The Banished Immortal: A Life of Li Bai (Li Po)" by Ha Jin btranslated by Anis Shivani.

Soft Targets by Deborah Landau.

Selected Poems by Vasko Popa

One Lark, One Horse by Michael Hofmann

Dear Delinquent by Ann Townsend.


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