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1941 - 1992

The First Decade: 1941-1950

When our fiftieth-anniversary volume, “The Survival of the Imagination,” was in the making, I discovered that there were numerous nuggets of writing, reportage, and analysis buried in our back volumes that would not find a place in our 450-page celebratory issue. These pieces ranged widely and included the first essays published by two distinguished students of American intellectual life, Daniel Aaron (1946) and John Diggins(1964); short fiction by Joyce Carol Oates (1966) and T. Coraghessan Boyle (1978); political essays by John Dewey(1944) and Daniel Ellsberg (1971); cultural commentaries byVictor Navasky (1970) and Susanne Langer (1951). The list could go on-and it does, inside this cumulative index.

I expect that this author/title index will be a starting point for researchers and librarians interested not only in looking into the history of a literary magazine but for a commentary on aesthetics, politics, and the shifting social climate of the period 1941-1991.

Robert S. Fogarty
Editor, the Antioch Review