: Spring 1994 :

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Christopher Merrill, Beauty and the Beast

Peter Carroll, Psychology & Ideology in the Spanish Civil War: the Case of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade

Harvey Sachs, Resisting

Gregory Orfalea, The Lost Battalion of the Ardennes

Helena Cobban, Jean, Slavenka, and the Tea Party for Sanity

Andrew Graham-Yooll, Belfast, 20-23 October 1993



Dinah Berland, Hotel at the End of the World

Sabrina Chesne, Canon

Sabrina Chesne, Violet Vinegar

Sabrina Chesne, Woman Working Alone …

D. Nurkse, The Background Chords Return in Minor

Judith Harris, The Model

Josephine Redlin, Salt Block

Joe Cox, Nesting

Bobbie Brown, Leo Sprinkle's Body

Kristin Herbert, Tintinnabulation

Ingrid Wendt, Italy: Singing the Map

April Ossmann, Something about Desire

P. H. Liotta, Emigrés

P. H. Liotta, Leaving Dubrovnik

P. H. Liotta, Falling towards Belgrade

P. H. Liotta, How It Must End

Dick Barnes, Winter to Spring in the Middle West

Gregory Djanikian, At Stanley Bay

Lia Purpura, Museum Horse



James Purdy, Brawith

Paul Brodeur, Rose Bowl


Et Cetera

Robert S. Fogarty, Editorial: “War

Ed Fisher, Cartoons: “Caprichos

Jack Matthews, Books: “The Original Giant and the Jack of Games