: Spring 1997 :

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Poetry Now

October 2017 Message:

We have had an inquiry as to whether we had any copies of this issue in our stock room.  In checking, we have 19 copies of this rare issue left and are opening these up for sale.  Once these are gone, we will update the website to note that this issue is out of stock.


Anthony Hecht, The Sonnet: Ruminations on Form, Sex, and History

James Cummins, Calliope Music: Notes on the Sestina Theme

Harryette Mullen & Stephen Yenser, Theme & Variations on Robert Hayden’s Poetry

Diann Blakely Shoaf, Plucking after Mystery

Jane Satterfield, Pavlova’s Physics: The Poems of Jo Shapcott

Jacqueline Osherow, “So These Are the Himalayas”: The Poetry of Wislawa Szymborska


A Panel on Poetry

Ralph Angel, Gillian Conoley, Carol Muske, Quincy Troupe, Stephen Yenser, Language Invented, Or What?



Marina Tsvetaeva, tr. Nina Kossman, Untitled

Orlando Ricardo Menes, The Music of Lifeless Creatures

David Wojahn, Print Made with Inverted Camera …

David Wojahn, Ode

Valerie S. Duff, The Nymphs, Seeing Circe at the Table

James Cummins, Collegiality

James Cummins, Echo

James Cummins, The Brother

Meg Hill Fitz-Randolph, The Old Threshers’ Reunion, Recalled

Polly Roberts, Phonetics


Et Cetera

Judith Hall, Editorial: “For Now, a Cuspate Verse”

Ed Fisher, Cartoons: “Caprichos”