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an excerpt by Stephen Hirst

Inside the Pi Kappa Alpha house I rapped my knuckles on a door at the end of a dark hallway. No one answered, but it was unlocked, and I stepped inside.

A pit-bull was tied to the bed, a long rope on its collar to give it the run of the room. She stared at me with wary black eyes but did not growl. This had to be Sammy.

I waded in and began chatting with the animal.

Howdy, girl…hey, now…don’t maul Steve, now…”

She was calm, used to a steady stream of visitors. I scanned the room and spotted the microwave. The door swung open, the soft orange glow of the interior bulb the only light in the dark room. A plastic Ziploc bag sat in the center of the microwave with a yellow post-it note.

Steve, here is the D-ball. DO NOT TAKE MORE THAN ONE A DAY, and remember, DO NOT DRINK. Enjoy!