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Robert S. Fogarty, Editor and Professor Emeritus


From 1941

Excerpt:  It takes, perhaps, uncommon brashness to plunge into the intellectual struggle at a time which Max Lerner has so aptly described as that of “the breaking of nations.”  When values are everyone toppling in the high winds of conflicting dogmas, there are those who would seek refuge in a quiet cloister or an ivory tower.  Such an escape is not unattractive; it is impossible. No intellectual, almost by definition, can be indifferent today to the social struggle or to the blackout of learning, literature, and the arts which accompanies defeat in that struggle. If the march of fascism has demonstrated nothing else it is that the scholar is not above society, but is inextricably intertwined in its meshes. The destruction of democracy commences with the erosion of the intellectual classes.

The 1940s

Jessie Treichler, Homecoming

Lewis Corey, Problems of the Peace: 1. War Plants

J. Saunders Redding, The Black Man's Burden

Sidney Alexander, Prologue to Bolivar

Ralph Ellison, Ralph Ellison

Robert K. Merton, The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

J. L. Teller, Goyim

The 1950s

James T. Farrell, Some Observations on Naturalism, So Called, In Fiction

Martin Gardner, The Hermit Scientist

David Riesman, Some Observations on Social Science Research

Daniel Bell, Crime as an American Way of Life

William V. Shannon, Lewis Corey, 1984-1953

Federico Garcia Lorca, translated by Norman di Givoanni, Seven Lyrics from the Cante Jondo Poems

Bruce Jay Friedman, The Man They Threw Out of Jets

Sylvia Plath, Black Rook in Rainy Weather

Clifford Geertz, Ethos, World-View, and the Analysis of Sacred Symbols

Nolan Miller, The New Fiction: A Summary

The 1960s

Mark Strand, In the Mountains

Rod Serling, Surface View of a Facade

Paul Rohmann et al., Preamble and Statement of Principles: The Association of Literary Magazines of America

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