: Winter 1992 & Spring 1992 50th Anniversary Issue: The Antioch Review, 1941-1991 :

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The First Decade: 1941-1950

Editorial, Inaugural Issue
George R. GeigerPhilosophy and Social Change
Jessie TreichlerHomecoming
Arlo WoodRiver Mouth
Edith PearlmanAccommodators
Joshua HarmonThe Lighthouse Keeper
Scott ElyThe Sweeper
Joan FrankExquisite
Elizabeth HaasHorses, Not Reindeer

The Second Decade: 1951-1960

David ReismanSome Observations on Changes in Leisure Attitudes
Daniel BellCrime as an American Way of Life
Philip LevineLetter to the Capitol
Bruce Jay FriedmanThe Man They Threw Out of Jets
Nolan MillerA New Life
Sylvia PlathBlack Rook in Rainy Weather
Anne SextonMy Friend, My Friend

The Third Decade: 1961-1970

William DickeyThose Who Have Burned
Cynthia OzickCheever’s Yankee Heritage
Mary OliverDances at Banstead
William TrevorA Happy Family
James AronsonMediations
Robert CreeleyA Testament
Allen GinsbergG.S. Reading Poesy at Princeton
Denise LevertovJoie de Vivre
Richard WilburFor the Student Strikers

The Fourth Decade: 1971-1980

Joy WilliamsThe Route
Elaine ShowalterKilling the Angel in the House:The Autonomy of Women Writers
Clifford GeertzCommon Sense as a Cultural System
Annie DillardDoughnut
James PurdyShort Papa
David St. JohnA Sense of Things
Mary GordonMurder
Elizabeth Fox-GenoveseThe New Female Literary Culture

The Fifth Decade: 1981-1990

Mark StrandShooting Whales
Andrew M. GreeleyThe Persistence of Diversity
Larry LevisThough His Name Is Infinite, My Father Is Asleep
Raymond CarverThe Compartment
Gordon LishFor Jeromé–With Love and Kisses
Craig RaineIn Modern Dress
Howard MossIt
T. Coraghessan BoyleRupert Beersley and the Beggar Master of Sivani-Hoota
Joyce Carol OatesAncient Airs, Voices
Jorge Luis BorgesParacelsus and the Rose, translated by Norman Thomas di Giovanni
Gerald EarlyThe Color Purple as Everybody’s Protest Art
Donald JusticeSeawind: A Song
Rick DeMarinisThe Flowers of Boredom
Paul TherouxThe Peking Express: Train Number 16
Jorie GrahamHistory