: Winter 1998 :

Our Therapeutic State


James L. Nolan, Jr., The Therapeutic State: The Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill Hearings

S. J. D. Green, The Closing of the American Mind, Revisited

Russell Carlberg, Escapade in Hell: Reading the Short Stories of Colonel Kadhafi



Leon Rooke, Eustace Among the Gypsies

Francisco Ayala, tr. Laurence de Looze, The Breach

Gordon Lish, Act



Michele Pizarro, The Mary Tyler Moore Show …

E. Griswold Allen, The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit

Alexander Theroux, When Vilma Banky Married …

Mark Bibbins, Don Quixote Cleans House

Mark Bibbins, Covert

Timothy Liu, Winter

Ann M. Pelletier, Surgery

Marisa de los Santos, Wiglaf

Jean Pedrick, Ovid; The Danube Delta

Mike Hammer, Incidence and Texture

Terri Witek, Margaret-Mary and the Heart

Eleanor Ross Taylor, Why Angels Choir

Ann Keniston, Matter and Spirit

Kathy Fagan, To a Reader

Lewis Meyers, Rita


Et Cetera

Robert S. Fogarty, Editorial: “Our Therapeutic State”

Ed Fisher, Cartoons: “Caprichos”